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South Africa - Links

As we move through this process, we have had the great opportunity to come in contact with many different people, some of which we have not even met yet, except for on-line. It is amazning though how much support they have been. Charles and I have become members of an on-line Support Group called "Families with Children from South Africa, All of the individuals in this group have either adopted children from South Africa, or are in the process of doing so. We cannot emphasize how useful this has been for us, or how important it is going to be for the child we adopt to have these connections as they grow up. We are hoping to have the chance to meet some of these families at a Family Gathering in January - so we can put some faces to names! This is the link if you would like to check out some of the information they have posted. There are many additional links to Adoption & South African Resources.

The Adoption Agency we are Working With:

Recommended Reading:

Adult Books

Children's Books:

100 recommended South African Children's books

  • The books are recognizably African in character.
  • The authors and illustrators are South Africans, or non
    South Africans living and working in South Africa.
  • The books are in print.
  • The books are mentioned in the list in the language in
    which they were originally written. Many titles have been translated
    into other South African languages.
  • The books are intended for children and young people: we
    have not included titles that are geared to an adult market, even if
    popular among younger readers.